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Seed Choices:

TK Commodities is proud to work with Galena Genetics & Miller Hybrid Seeds to provide you with the latest genetics and a wide selection of maturities. 

what i like about Galena Genetics & Miller Hybrid Seeds are they both provide great value to the farmer and have many years of breeding experience and continue to be at the cutting edge of breeding maturities that work best on your farm.

Please take a look at & 

If you looking to save cost per acre on your seed take a look at what these companies have to offer on NON GMO Soybeans or NON GMO Corn.  We also have a full line of traits if you need the above ground or below ground protection.

Make sure to check out our featured product on the home page.  this will change weekly.

Any questions please call myself anytime and have a safe spring season.

Tim Kleinsasser


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