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Early Burn Down!

The affects of 2019 are appearing early in the spring of 2020, with plenty of moisture and now warmer temps along with spring rains many fields are becoming green early from regrowth of 2019 cover crops. 

As the soil rising in temperature fields will only continue to see more growth robbing valuable nutrients and other key elements from the soil. 

Cover Crops are a great tool for managing weed pressure, erosion along with pulling key elements to the growing roots.  

If your looking for an affordable solution using a burn down we have "BUCCANEER 5 EXTRA"

5.4 LB.

$3.75 per acre at 32 oz rate should get you excellent results.

Ad $1,00 per acre for surfactant for better performance.

If your planning on using larger amounts such as 265 gal totes please call for price.

On Larger orders we can have ship direct to your farm or business.

Date: 3-26-2020

Please call for more information & pricing of chemicals.

Tim Kleinsasser


Thank You 

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