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We take pride in our customers and in our products that  we offer as we only will sell quality starter fertilizer.   

Call Tim or Mark for prices and delivery of products. or send us an email.

605-553-2142 Tim Kleinsasser

712-251-7942  Mark Pottorff


Locations in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa and Irene, South Dakota

Fertilizer Products

We at TK Commodities work with Prairie Farm Service and value the relationship between the two companies. 

Mark Pottorff owns Prairie Farm Service and offers great service and excellent products for your farm.  


We have liquid tender trailers that are available to use in season on first come basis,  (so lock in your fertilizer early)  



Corn: 9-18-9 

Soybeans: 6-24-6


In Season Foliar product by KUGLER listed below!

KS 2075 Foliar feeding for extra yield boost or if you need some Nitrogen, Potassium and Sulfer. (excellent on Corn- Beans -Wheat -Flowers -Milo -Canola -Alfalfa -Beats -Peas-Lentils)

Biodyne Products

We offer a full line of Biodyne products by Van Diest Supply Company.


Take some time to watch the webinar link below to learn more about these products.


Give us a call if you would like more information on any of these products.

Click on link to watch video.




Tepera plus in Furrow or Fort Post Applied!

We offer a full line of fungicides by UPL 


We have Warehouses within the Midwest to help service you more efficiently this planting season.


We look forward to earning your business!


Please click on link below to watch video and if you have any questions please contact us.

Cash Bid Per Ton-Please call  for current cash bid.

Alfalfa Plant located East of Yankton South Dakota on Highway 50 


We process hay daily and protein is key to our customers.

Thinking about planting alfalfa in 2023? We sell a  high yielding  alfalfa!   

With current grain prices alfalfa might be a great crop in your rotation!

Call for more information.



TK Commodities is proud to work with Galena Genetics & Miller Hybrid Seeds to provide you with the latest genetics and a wide selection of maturities. 


what i like about Galena Genetics & Miller Hybrid Seeds are they both provide great value to the farmer and have many years of breeding experience and continue to be at the cutting edge of breeding maturities that work best on your farm.


Please take a look at & 


If you looking to save cost per acre on your seed take a look at what these companies have to offer on NON GMO Soybeans or NON GMO Corn.  We also have a full line of traits if you need the above ground or below ground protection.


Premiums Paid!

Do you grow soybeans on your farm? then why not raise soybeans and earn  a premium ?  Raising Non GMO Soybeans is a great way to increase income on your farm.


what are your questions about growing non GMO soybeans?  Have you heard the negatives rumors about difficulties in this product for a premium ? Let our team of experts at TK Commodities take away those fears!


Premium Markets:?

The state of South Dakota. Iowa and Nebraska have non GMO soybean markets as do many others.

Non-GMO soybeans have become a world wide staple TK Commodities can help you identify those markets!


Yield Drag?

Not with Galena Genetics non-GMO soybeans seed! see our test plot at


Weed Control? 

No Problem!  Your looking at a non GMO Soybean field raised in South Dakota in 2019,

Need help with chemical selection and pricing for effective weed control for your non GMO fields, let our experts at TK Commodities help you.  We have many programs that will work on your farm. (check out Photo Gallery for more results)


Field & Storage Management?

From Planting through harvesting and storage on non GMO soybeans, raising non GMO soybeans is an outcome-based process. 

It is not difficult, and TK Commodities can help you there.  Just give us a call.


Tim Kleinsasser

Territory Manager 

Galena Genetics 


Cell Phone 605-553-2142 OR Office 507-639-9051

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