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Tim's Comments: 

-One of the leading factors for company's going out of business? Cash flow issues. 


-When market grain the 2 factors that we consider is grain quality and cash flow.


-Price will not matter if you run out of cash 3 month's before you deliver your grain. 

-Delivering spoiled grain is not our goal.


Our Goal is to market your grain as a commercial grain company.

Sell the carry, capture basis improvements, and collect premium. 


You the client decide where you want to sell your grain, I encourage you to work with your local Elevator, Ethanol Plan, Feed Mill & Cattle or Swine producers helping  support your community.  



TK Gold Service:

Our experts will advise setting futures and the basis for the final cash price of your grain.

The advise of setting  futures or basis may be done at the same time or at different dates depending on of the timing of the sale and market conditions. 

If you want a hands-off approach and just want to focus on production and operation of your business while knowing your bushels will be marketed to the best of our expert abilities than TK GOLD SERVICE is a great choice. FEE .05 Cent Per Bushel.

TK Silver Service:

This marketing service will allow you to stay involved and active in the daily changing of cash grain prices since our experts are only advising the setting of futures allowing you the customers to still be setting basis with your preferred grain company. 

If you enjoy tracking the trend's of basis levels and have a great relationship with your buyer 

that many of you have worked hard for year to develop we encourage you to continue to grow the relationship while our experts watch the world price market's.

TK SILVER SERVICE can be a great choice. FEE .03 Cent Per Bushel.

TK Bronze:

How about selling like an elevator?  Elevators are basis traders not speculators.  I like the idea myself.  Let our experts help you find the best basis for your grain or we can bundle bushels together to give you the advantage of selling large lot's of grain.  


You still decide when to deliver and price the bushels when you feel the price is attractive.

TK BRONZE SERVICE an easy way to get a better price FEE .02 Cent Per Bushel.



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