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Fertilizer Products 

We take pride in our customers and in our products that  we offer as we only will sell quality starter fertilizer.   

We at TK Commodities work with Prairie Farm Service and value the relationship between the two companies.  

Mark Pottorff owns Prairie Farm Service and offers great service and excellent products for your farm.  

We have liquid tender trailers that are available to use in season on first come basis,  (so lock in your fertilizer early)  


Corn: 9-18-9 

Soybeans: 6-24-6

In Season Foliar product by KUGLER listed below!

KS 2075 Foliar feeding for extra yield boost or if you need some Nitrogen, Potassium and Sulfer. (excellent on Corn- Beans -Wheat -Flowers -Milo -Canola -Alfalfa -Beats -Peas-Lentils)

Call Tim or Mark for prices and delivery of products. or send us a email at contact tab.

605-553-2142 Tim Kleinsasser

712-251-7942  Mark Pottorff

Locations in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa and Irene, South Dakota

Thank You 

Tim Kleinsasser 

Mark Pottorff


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